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Winter in the Palouse

Wheels in Winter - ©Gary Hamburgh 2004 - All Rights Reserved

I receive questions all the time asking “what is the best time to photograph in the Palouse?”. My answer is that it depends what type of images you are looking to capture. Each season has its own kind of beauty.

When I first began shooting in the Palouse, I didn’t enjoy the winter season because of the lack of color and textures. During winter the landscape can look very bleak and isolated. I gave myself a project to depict the winter landscape in a more meaningful way to me.

An example of this is the image at the top of this post. I used the leading lines of the irrigation equipment to take the viewer to the hills and sky.  Also the equipment shows something which is very useful at times but is lying dormant during the winter season. The winter wheat in the area is also lying dormant in the ground waiting for spring.

I now really enjoy shooting during the winter season as I try to capture the beauty of that time. I would caution you as you travel the Palouse in the winter to be careful of the extreme cold that may be present. Consider how you will protect your equipment and yourself. Also consider your  driving skills as the road conditions may be less than ideal.

Workshop in the Palouse

Morning Light on Rolling Hills - ©Gary Hamburgh 2010 - All Rights Reserved

Please join me The Palouse Guy for a workshop in the Palouse. I will be teaching a workshop with Ara Roselani this spring from May 25 – May 29. Go to the workshop tab at the top of page for more details and a registration form.

I hope to see you as we explore and photograph this amazing area with great landscapes and barns.

Mild Winter in the Palouse

Glowing Fence Posts - Copyright Gary Hamburgh 2010 - All Rights Reserved

As I visited the Palouse today, I was surprised at the look of winter in the area. Typically at this time of year there is snow on the ground and the temperatures are very cold. As you can see from the image at the top of this post there was no snow and the temperature was very moderate.

The winter wheat is showing through the ground and as I spoke with a couple of farmers in the area they mentioned it almost seems like spring has come. Also I was able to drive to the top of Steptoe Butte in my car. I haven’t been able to do that for several years during January.

With the mild weather and some clouds in the sky, I had a great time visiting and photographing the area. Once again, it seems the Palouse is a great region to photograph at any time of the year.

Be Excited about Your Photography

Cold Day in January - Copyright Gary Hamburgh 2010 - All Rights Reserved

As we start the new year of 2010, we all tend to make resolutions. My mentor Scott Bourne wrote a short article that I think gives us food for thought as photographers. It is entitled “Are You Excited about Photography?”

I think the message is very appropriate as we shoot any subject at any time. I know I have a feeling of joy and excitement as I create images and always am hopeful that I can share my experience through the finished product.
As you are looking for resolutions as you start this new year, incorporate the ideas that are presented to help you create the best images you can to share with others. As I travel the Palouse and others venues, I am constantly aware how fortunate I am to visit these wonderful places and the opportunity I have to capture the moment and share it with others.
Have a Happy New Year!

Tips for Shooting in Cold Weather

Cold Day in January - Copyright Gary Hamburgh 2005 - All Rights Reserved

Here is an article by Scott Bourne that talks about shooting in cold weather. I find the tips to be extremely useful as I like to shoot in winter conditions.

The image at the top of this post illustrates one of these times to use the tips. It was taken in January in the Palouse with the temperature at 15 degrees.

Follow the advice and your shooting will be a lot more productive and enjoyable.

Views of Winter

Gazebo in the Snow - Copyright Gary Hamburgh 2005 - All Rights Reserved

As winter is upon us in the Pacific Northwest, I thought I would show a couple of my favorite images from eastern Washington. I lived in Walla Walla for about 34 years and one of my favorite places to visit was Pioneer Park. The images in this post were talen in January a couple of years ago after a pretty heavy snowfall.

Icy Swim - Copyright Gary Hamburgh 2005 - All Rights Reserved

One of the things I like about the Palouse region and all of eastern Washington is that there are definitely four seasons of the year. This creates a great opportunity to photograph the same area with a totally different view

As I have suggested in the past and would like to remind you again, photographing the Palouse can be beautiful at any time of the year.

Ideas for Effective Composition


Red Barn in Fresh Snow - Copyright Gary Hamburgh 2009 - All Rights Reserved

I was very interested in an article by Scott Bourne on Photofocus that discusses what to include in the composition of an image. I found the suggestions to be useful and hopefully they will help you as well as you develop not only your photo skills but also your ability to see what makes a good composition.

Read, learn and enjoy.