Harvest near the Snake River

Cutting the Wheat - ©Gary Hamburgh 2011 - All Rights Reserved

Last week I spent a couple of days at wheat harvest in the Palouse. The harvest is very late this year due to the weather we had last winter and spring. I visited an area that overlooked Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River to see the harvest in full operation. It was necessary to go farther south in the Palouse to this location because harvest occurs earlier in that area.

Combines Working Together - ©Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

A Pair of Combines - ©Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

As I arrived they were just finishing harvesting the winter wheat and the spring wheat was still too green for cutting.  I am including images that give an overall lay of the land as well as the process of cutting and loading the wheat for transport to the grain silos on the river.

View from the Cab - ©Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

Loading a Truck - ©Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

The image below was taken as I was standing on the combine. The driver took me right over to the edge to see the view. They actually had just harvested from where I took this picture.

Overlooking Lower Granite Dam - ©Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

I  hope this post has given you a view of the harvest and some of the terrain where it takes place. If you are interested in photographing the harvest this year, according to the farmers in the area we are still a couple of weeks away from harvesting spring wheat around Colfax and Steptoe Butte.

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