Vary the Orientation in Your Images

Clouds over Red Barn 1

As I am sitting in rainy Seattle, I am daydreaming about some of my special sites for photography. Admittedly,  a cloudy sky with an old red barn and abundant wheat crop is one of my favorite views. I can think of no better place for that experience than the Palouse region of eastern Washington.

When you find a scene that you particularly relish,  I would encourage you to shoot it from all angles. In addition I always make a composition in both a landscape and a portrait format. I think each of these can tell a different story or give a more complete story about the scene if both are included. I know this is a simple tip but one that I think will enhance your ability to portray the scene that provided meaning for you.

Clouds over Red Barn 2

Enjoy your time as you visit the Palouse and take in all the beautiful scenery of this photo rich area.

4 responses to “Vary the Orientation in Your Images

  1. Thanks – good ideas – both taking shots with multiple orientations and angles, and heading over the pass when it’s clear to check out eastern Washington.

  2. This is great advice. There are so many ways to frame a particular subject. The first emphasizes the rolling hills, while the second provides a beautiful backdrop of clouds scattered across the deep blue sky. Both are wonderful! My favorite, however, is the second. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I must say that your pictures are splendid. I am from Seattle.I am planning to visit Palouse in late November. What can i expect during that time of the year?. Will there be snow? I want to capture the colours.When is the right time to go?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. garyhamburgh

    Thanks Sudha for you comments. Unfortunately late November is not one of the best times to photograph. Weather is usually rather uncooperative for photographs and the colors are not very vibrant. Also a little early for snow but sometimes there may be some. Just depends on the year.

    The best time to capture beautiful green colors is May or June once again depending on the particular year. Best time for harvest colors is August and early September.

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