Interiors of Interest

Inside an Old Shed - ©Gary Hamburgh 2010 - All Rights Reserved

When exploring the Palouse region, you see many old barns and outbuildings. I am usually searching for a structure that can be included in the beautiful landscape.  Another option that can lead to some interesting images is to explore the inside of some of the old structures. Typically you will find some old farm implements, equipment or just left over everyday belongs. These are interesting to me as it gives a glimpse into the life of someone that was there many generations ago.

The image at the top of this post was taken of the interior of an old abandoned shed among some outbuildings on a deserted homestead. The objects are not of value but do provide some perspective of days gone by.

As you visit the Palouse take some time to explore interiors as well as enjoy the beautiful landscape. Getting permission to explore is always a good idea if possible.

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