The Palouse…the most beautiful place you’ve never heard of! Hurry and register. These will sell out quickly!



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  2. Why is your Palouse trip so much earlier than most? Is is because of the crowds or are there images that cannot been photographed later in June? (like sowing, more brown…)

  3. garyhamburgh

    I have shot in the Palouse for many years and this is a good time to photograph. Also when I planned the workshop times, I was given advice by several farmers as well as the John Deere Dealer who all felt this would be a good time. As to why others wait longer, I can’t answer except that perhaps we could be a little early for the yellow canola. Some years the canola comes on a bit later.

  4. Lovely website. Are you planning a workshop for 2011?

  5. Looking forward to your workshop in May.

  6. I love your photography and would love to take a workshop sometime. I just missed this one! Hope our late spring didn’t delay the look you were going for– Kamiak is gorgeous right now. So green!

  7. This is a very interesting blog. I was there photographing last year and hope to be back at the end of August. I will be posting some of my work from last year on my own WordPress blog site. Will let you know when the first is published if you have any interest in looking at it.

  8. Cassie Lopez

    Will you be doing any Fall harvest workshops?

  9. garyhamburgh

    Hi Cassie,

    Not this year but am planning workshops for 2012. should have details by the end of September.

  10. Gary, a friend and I are thinking of possibly doing a palouse trip next year (2012) with the big debate of doing late may/june or july/august.. was curious if you’d be doing any workshops and if so when we might be able to see some details? thanks!!!

  11. Hi Heidi,

    I am definitely planning 2 workshops for 2012 in the Palouse. They are scheduled for June 4-8 and August 13-17. The first one will show spring and early summer colors and the second one will be based around the harvest. Both are beautiful times to photograph.
    The cost for each one will be $799.00 and I will have an early bird discount which I will post. I hope to have the final information on my Palouse Guy website within the next couple of weeks.

    I hope this gives you enough information for now so you can start to plan.

    Gary Hamburgh

  12. Gary, Myself and my daughter want to sign up for August 2012. Need your registration info so we can make plans. Thanks

  13. Hi Lorilei,

    We are putting the finishing touches on the registration form. Hopefully it will be finished in a few days.


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  15. garyhamburgh

    Just FYI that my 2013 June workshop registration form is ready. Sign up before April 5th to save $100! You won’t want to miss this spring tour of the Palouse.

  16. Hi Gary – I was admiring your work and saw I missed the Palouse workshop. Do you feel it is still a good time of the year to see a combination of green and brown fields or has the transition already happened? I have only been shooting for a couple of years and have not spent time in this area.

    Thanks for any info you would be willing to share

  17. Yes, Spring/Summer is a great time to see and photograph the Palouse region. We are gearing up for our 2014 workshop this May. Please consider coming and bring a friend along.

  18. Pat Francisco

    Please suggest lodging accommodation options.

  19. Hi Pat. Thanks for your inquiry. We base our workshop out of the Best Western Wheatland Inn in Colfax, Washington. I have reserved a block of rooms so mention The Palouse Guy Workshop to get a preferred rate. we all stay there and that is where our meetings are. Hope this helps. Call me at 425 681-5083 if you have further questions.

  20. Penni Cocking

    Hello appreciators of our wonderful Palouse region, I am writing with hope you can help me advertise to the region and the state about a truly important problem and that is the demise (as you have stated) of the magnificent barns that are being torn down to sell the wood. There was an article on front page of the Whitman County Gazette two weeks ago exalting a vulture of a man for doing this to our area and state with the magnificent Herb Mohr barn, now with dollars in this man’s pocket which he got for nothing and we all suffer for. This barn wasn’t even to the state of decay to be torn down! The barn owners are being convinced that there is no other reason to keep them. . . That era is gone so why do the upkeep they rationalize. Help me by getting your photos to the local papers in the region and telling the people how important these barns are! E mail me. Call me! Thanks (I am having a difficult time getting funding for my great barn but at least I am working on it. . .the much photographed Kramlich Barn on sr272 near the cemetery on the hill). Photographers who see beauty in our barns help, help! Aren’t they worth keeping forthat alone? Penni Cocking

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