Photograph the Transition between Seasons

Textured Snow with Red Barn - Copyright Gary Hamburgh 2009 - All Rights Reserved

I have always loved to shoot landscapes during transition times of the year. These periods usually only last for a few days at most. In the Palouse the time between winter and spring can give some great venues

I was visiting in the Palouse last February and ventured out in the early morning to explore the countryside around Colfax, Wa. The images in this post are the result of that early morning trip. The air was crisp and cold with the temperature in the high 20’s.

February Morning in the Palouse - Copyright Gary Hamburgh 209 - All Rights Reserved

The picture at the top of this post shows a lot of texture in the snow as the day before it had been raining and windy. The other two images were taken on my way to Steptoe Butte. By the way as I arrived at Steptoe Butte a little later, the road was still snow covered and not passable to the top even with my 4 wheel drive.

Snow is Vanishing - Copyright Gary Hamburgh 2009 - All Rights Reserved

If you are in the Palouse during February or early March remember to take advantage of the fleeting time between seasons. As always the terrain provides beautiful landscapes.

One response to “Photograph the Transition between Seasons

  1. Good idea. I hope to see also summer photos from same place.

    I have been taking photos from my garden with this method also, but my photos are waiting for publication. Some day…

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