Backup for peace of mind

Barn at Sunset by Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

Barn at Sunset by Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

As a photographer you are always being told to backup your files because your storage media will fail at some point. A good plan is so essential as I found out yesterday afternoon.

One of my 1 Tb external hard drives failed with no warning. On that drive was a 930 gig Aperture library with thousands of images. Fortunately I had just backed up that library the night before to an Aperture vault that I have on a Drobo storage device with four 1 Tb drives. I was able to restore my library to a new 1 TB drive that I had not been using. It took approximately 13 hours to complete the restore but at least I was able to recover the data.

I have always been concerned about a failure and am very glad that at least I have one level of backup that was helpful. This near disaster has gotten me to thinking that maybe I need a more complete plan than I currently have in place.

Here is a link to an article Backup In Progress by Any Ihnatko that talks about making a backup plan. This is just one such article on an extremely useful website that is hosted by Scott Bourne and Andy Ihnatko.

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I hope you will take their advice and also learn from my experience that a good backup plan is essential because at some time it will save you from disaster.

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