Changing Faces of the Palouse


View from Steptoe Butte

View from Steptoe Butte by Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

Chocolate and Caramel Mounds

Chocolate and Caramel Mounds by Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved


Photographing the Palouse can be very rewarding if you go back to capture the same image at a different time. That familiar scene has a completely different look due to a change in colors and textures. These changes may be a seasonal change or because of cultivating and harvesting the land. As you revisit, it exciting to see the the subtle as well as the bold transformations that have taken place.

The two photos above were taken from the same location on Steptoe Butte during the same calendar year. The first photo “View from Steptoe Butte” was taken in May and the second “Chocolate and Caramel Mounds” was taken in July. They both show common elements as well as major differences. This seasonal change is very dramatic and can provide you with a new vision as you explore the Palouse .

Remember when shooting the Palouse, retrace your steps and be rewarded a second time.

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  1. Great reading your bloog

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