Harvest Is Fast Aproaching

Ready for Harvest - Copyright Gary Hamburgh 2010 - All Rights Reserved

It is just about time for me to head over to the Palouse for one of my favorite times of the year. In talking with the farmers in the area, they feel we are just about a week to ten days away from the wheat harvest. If you ever want to capture some great images with large tractors, awesome skies and the actual work that is involved during the wheat harvest, make plans to get to the Palouse during this month.

As you prepare to go to this region for photos, plan ahead for the heat which can get into triple digits at times. In addition the conditions are very dusty during harvest in the dry-land farming areas so be prepared to protect your equipment. Even with some extreme conditions, I think you will be rewarded with great images, make new friends and have the opportunity to develop an appreciation for this beautiful region.

I know I will be going over so maybe we will run into each other.

2 responses to “Harvest Is Fast Aproaching

  1. Great shot! Looking forward to the photos you’ll be taking.

  2. Nicholas Long

    I am going on a family vacation in a week and would like to visit the wheat fields! I will be in Washington, Montana, and Idaho. It sounds like this is a great time to visit! Where should I go exactly? Is it possible to get great green fields during this time. I have seen many photos of green fields and it is so beautiful! Any advise for my trip would be greatly appreciated

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