Photography Exposure Tips

Clouds above the Hills - Copyright Gary Hamburgh 2009 - All Rights Reserved

At times a particular scene can be difficult to expose properly. I came across an article by Scott Bourne that addresses some of the issues and gives some valuable tips. It is entitled Advanced Photography Exposure Tips and can be found at Photofocus.
I think you will enjoy reading the article and will find the tips to be valuable as you create your own images.

2 responses to “Photography Exposure Tips

  1. I am thinking of doing a road trip to the Palouse region of Washington and found your website. Your photographs are fantastic. They certainly have provided me with the motivation i needed to make the trip from Vancouver, B.C. Is your work on display anywhere?


  2. garyhamburgh


    Thanks for your comments and interest in my work. My work can be seen at several places around Washington state but I will metion just a few. The Dahmen barn in Uniontown in the Palouse as well as Darrah’s Gallery and Fenton Stahl Gallery which are both located in Walla Walla, WA. I also have work in Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, WA.

    Hope you have a great trip to the Palouse.

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