Keep your horizons level



Bubble level in hot-shoe


Bubble level













Whether you are shooting landscapes in the Palouse, sports in an arena or portraits in a studio, it is important to keep your images straight. When shooting on a tripod, I always use a bubble level as seen in the images at the top of this post. Without the level, I have a tendency to shoot with about a 3 degree tilt up to the right side. I have found by using the hot – shoe level my images are always straight.

It always amazes me when I am shooting how many people come up and ask about the level. Most have never thought of it and they always say “what a great idea” because they also have trouble keeping their horizons level.

If you don’t already have one of these great little tools, I would suggest buy one immediately as it can save you the time of cropping your image to get it straight. Also as you crop sometimes you may lose some critical information. As always getting things right in the camera is the best rule and the bubble level helps you accomplish that.


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