Changing Your View Gives New Perspective

As photographers sometimes we get stuck in the same mode of shooting images. The standard position we normally shoot is either from a tripod or hand held at eye level. This practice can produce shots that may look very ordinary and tell the usual story.

Typically in the Palouse region miles of wheat fields are viewed either from our car or as we walk along.  This view is from above and we see the landscape as a vast sea of grain stretching to the horizon. I don’t mean to imply that this view can’t provide a beautiful vista but there are other views that can create interest as well.

Reaching for the Sky by Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

Reaching for the Sky by Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

To add a different perspective to your work, try exploring new vantage points for creating an image. In the image above, I was putting myself in the position of a small rabbit that I had observed just moments earlier. The wheat through his eyes must appear to be a tall forest of grain “reaching for the sky”. That forest of grain gives the small creatures shelter and protection as it fills up their landscape. To me this tells a completely different story as the wheat provides a purpose that we don’t normally consider.

Remembering to change your view may add a totally new perspective to your shooting.  Shoot high, shoot low, shoot from all around and give your images a new and refreshing look.

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  1. Nice post 🙂

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