Using What’s Left

One of the things that is intriguing about photographing the Palouse is sometimes you make a photograph of something unexpected. Generally as images are captured in this region, we see rolling hills, lush wheat fields or abundant harvests. I like to look for what I call unusual remnants that may be left after the harvest is over.


River of Wheat by Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

River of Wheat by Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved


The image above gives just that kind of perspective. The harvest is finished and the field is plowed and planted. You can see where the winter wheat is starting to show through. The focus of this image is the leftover wheat that was not harvested because it was in a shallow gully that the combine could not reach. As I came around a corner looking for a fertile landscape, this patch of wheat reminded me of a river that was running to the grain storage shed in the distance. The starkness of the plowed field helped to emphasize the wheat river.

As you travel the Palouse be attentive looking for something that is not always expected. Look beyond the ordinary and make an image that is different and interesting.

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