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2014 Palouse Guy Workshop – May 26-30


The 2014 Spring Palouse Guy Workshop will take place May 26-30.
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2012 Palouse Guy Workshop

Old Barn on Cold Winter Day – ©Gary Hamburgh – All Rights Reserved

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Harvest near the Snake River

Cutting the Wheat - ©Gary Hamburgh 2011 - All Rights Reserved

Last week I spent a couple of days at wheat harvest in the Palouse. The harvest is very late this year due to the weather we had last winter and spring. I visited an area that overlooked Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River to see the harvest in full operation. It was necessary to go farther south in the Palouse to this location because harvest occurs earlier in that area.

Combines Working Together - ©Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

A Pair of Combines - ©Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

As I arrived they were just finishing harvesting the winter wheat and the spring wheat was still too green for cutting.  I am including images that give an overall lay of the land as well as the process of cutting and loading the wheat for transport to the grain silos on the river.

View from the Cab - ©Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

Loading a Truck - ©Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

The image below was taken as I was standing on the combine. The driver took me right over to the edge to see the view. They actually had just harvested from where I took this picture.

Overlooking Lower Granite Dam - ©Gary Hamburgh - All Rights Reserved

I  hope this post has given you a view of the harvest and some of the terrain where it takes place. If you are interested in photographing the harvest this year, according to the farmers in the area we are still a couple of weeks away from harvesting spring wheat around Colfax and Steptoe Butte.

Come to Harvest for Great Images

Ready for Harvest - Copyright Gary Hamburgh 2010 - All Rights Reserved

It is just about time for me to head over to the Palouse for one of my favorite times of the year. In talking with the farmers in the area, they feel we are just about a week to ten days away from the wheat harvest. If you ever want to capture some great images with large tractors, awesome skies and the actual work that is involved during the wheat harvest, make plans to get to the Palouse during this month.

Combine at Work -©Gary Hamburgh 2010 - All Rights Reserved









As you prepare to go to this region for photos, plan ahead for the heat which can get into triple digits at times. In addition the conditions are very dusty during harvest in the dry-land farming areas so be prepared to protect your equipment. Even with some extreme conditions, I think you will be rewarded with great images, make new friends and have the opportunity to develop an appreciation for this beautiful region.

I know I will be going over so maybe we will run into each other.

Capturing the Total Impact of a Subject

Old Barn with Wooden Fence - ©Gary Hamburgh 2009 - All Rights Reserved

I have been reviewing and analyzing some of my ideas for effective composition. I remembered an acronym that was shared with me many years ago by my mentor Scott Bourne. The acronym is EDFAT which stands for entire, detail, focal length, angle  and time. EDFAT represents what should be covered when photographing an event or a subject.

1.  Capture the entire scene to give context

2.  Capture details that are important to help tell the story

3.  Change the focal length to add interest

4.  Vary the angle to show different perspectives

5.  Shoot at a different time to capture a different look

The images in this post represent each of the components of the acronym except for time.

Corvair with Red Barn - ©Gary Hamburgh 2009 - All Rights Reserved

I found this old barn in the Palouse and proceeded to capture images that would show the areas of interest in the scene.

Windows on Old Barn - ©Gary Hamburgh 2009 - All Rights Reserved








Barn Window - ©Gary Hamburgh 2009 - All Rights Reserved

Old Door - ©Gary Hamburgh 2009 - All Rights Reserved















Hardware on Barn Door - ©Gary Hamburgh 2009 - All Rights Reserved























Remember this acronym as you are interacting with a subject or composition so different elements can be shown.

Exploring Ideas for Lighting

Sunlight Plays on the Hills - ©Gary Hamburgh 2010 - All Rights Reserved

I enjoy learning all I can about lighting. Recently, I have been interested in doing some portraiture both indoors and outdoors. My main goal is to include images of  people into some of my landscape shots. As I have been reading and exploring various sources, I came across a book and DVD combination that I have found to be very useful and fascinating.

I  purchased this kit that includes a book and dvd at a Kelby training seminar that I attended in Seattle a few weeks ago. It written, produced and marketed by Scott Kelby.   The book is entitled “Photo Recipes Live: Behind the Scenes, Pt 2: Lighting Techniques. ” It is available at www.kelbytraining.com. The material presented is easy to understand, very informative and gives ideas about various lighting setups. Hints about how to provide lighting at a reduced cost are also provided throughout the book and accompanying dvd.

I feel anyone wanting to learn more about lighting from an author who is knowledgeable, as well as interesting to read and listen to, will benefit from this kit.